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We will be launching our Cognitive Functional Therapy tiered training program soon. 

Sign up here and we will let you know when your training journey can begin.

Ann's journey through CFT
Joe's journey through CFT
Alison's journey through CFT
Sam's journey through CFT
Volker's journey through CFT
Jon's journey through CFT

The Patient Journey

Patient Journey Studies

Patient Perspectives on Participation in Cognitive Functional Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain

Samantha Bunzli et al. 2016

Physical Therapy

(Open Access)

From protection to non-protection: A mixed methods study investigating movement, posture and recovery from disabling low back pain

Kevin Wernli et al. 2022

European Journal of Pain

(Open Access)

How does change unfold? an evaluation of the process of change in four people with chronic low back pain and high pain-related fear managed with Cognitive Functional Therapy: A replicated single-case experimental design study

JP Caneiro et al. 2019

Behaviour Research and Therapy

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